Thursday, 7 October 2010

Hello again!!

Many thanks for the lovely messages on my photos!

I had uploaded them with every intention of following it up with a detailed update seeing as I have been very quiet on here of late, but GS had other ideas by coming down with a bad cold, so I had to abandon at the upload stage so in effect it was a post and run!

As you can see we had great fun doing the photoshoot, I really wanted to get a few nice bump ones with us as a momento, it just goes so fast, hard to believe baby will be here at some point by the end of next month, where has the time gone?! I still find myself smiling when I realise I will soon be a mum of two, I think for a long while this pregnancy has been very symbolic of everything we went through with GS and my miscarriage last year, so I am hoping and praying for a healthy bouncy baby this time, and will only truly feel like I can relax once baby is here (emotionally that is, not physically obviously lol!)

I get a lot of questions asked now when I am at work and in public about how far left, comments about how huge I am then in the next conversation someone will say how small I am, I have to say I feel well versed in all this from last time, people say the funniest things when they see a bump! I get a lot of obvious questions about whether its a boy or a girl, and then peoples predictions follow, but genuinely I am very keen to obviously finally meet and know the flavour of our little bundle, but not fussed at all one way or the other, I'd be very blessed to have 2 boys or a boy and a girl as my family, I do just actually want a healthy baby at the end, I just can't wait to meet them now, well maybe a few more weeks of sleep first!

My finish day for work is fast approaching, my last shift is October 18th, when I will be 36 + weeks, work have been amazing to me and very accomodating, but it is tiring to be on my feet and up and down a lot as you do, so it will be nice to be able to finish and put my feet up a bit more in the weeks approaching d-day.

I have been very organised for Christmas and have quite a few presents made and bought already, I may even admit to having my cards and giftwrap ready... it's still my intention to continue with the homemade theme of presents for family like I did last year with apple chutney ready for the making, and then shortbread, biscuits and flapjacks in the pipeline for nearer the time. I got the Lakeland xmas catalogue through the other day, oh so very tempting to go mad on cutters, craft tools and cellophane bags from there, might have to reign it in for something cheaper but still, it's always free to browse (and dream!)

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

New hair, new chapter

I've gone for the chop and had my hair cut, ready in preparation for having very little time to wash it let alone dry it (it was so long and thick it was taking over 5 hours to dry naturally or half an hour to blow dry it!) it's also put a lot more shine back in to it, so hopefully I can keep it healthier from now on. I go through stages with my hair, i've had it very long and very short, luckily my hair grows rather fast so can keep up the pace. I very often find that I chop and restyle my hair in response to changes in my life; new job, new baby, new outlook, etc, isn't it strange how something as simple as our hair can form such a part of our identity and our statement to the world about how we are and how we're feeling?

Big news this week in the Thrift household is our gorgeous son turned 3!!

The good news is he enjoyed his party and birthday very much, probably the 1st one he has really been old enough to understand and get excited about! The bad news- we have a house full of huge plastic toys that are taking over, and requiring a massive shop for batteries, aaaghhh!
Feeling a little low today, I am realising being nearly 7 months pregnant and getting a stinking cold is not a good combination, but then again I should count my blessings, compared to last year my health has been fantastic and this is the 1st cold for months, so I'll just take it easy today, eat jacket potato with cheese & beans (my newest craving!) and keep putting the roof back on the lego police car GS has been given for the hundredth time today!

We are off on Friday for a few nights in York; I love this city and haven't been before with hubby and GS so looking forward to exploring the old sights with them and showing GS the railway museum especially! The hotel we are staying at is actually converted railway carriages by the side of the main line, so should be very exciting for GS (and Hubby!!)

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Hows my Garden growing?

It's been lovely all day today in Derbyshire, for a change, so a chance to sit out and enjoy the garden! We have done well this year with the fruit and veg, hopefully this may continue as we've set some plants for winter now in the front veg patch; cabbage, cauliflower & brussels.
It's been another summer of not being able to do too much in the garden myself but hopefully plenty of time for that in years to come once the babymaking is done and dusted and the kids are older.
Off to scoff a chocolate & coconut brownie, snarf!!! Have a lovely evening!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Pictures from Anglesey

I apologise, it has been a few weeks since our return from holiday and I'm very late sharing our pictures, but here they are, we had a fabulous time as you can see!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Back on the frugal thrifty wagon

I hadn't really noticed it, but my bank balances are telling me otherwise, but we appear to have dropped off the wagon seriously and are deep in to our overdrafts again *sigh* noones fault but mine, our holiday inevitably cost a lot in fuel and wet-weather entertainment, and bills just seem to be endlessly going up. Our latest expense increase seems to be the car insurance; I wish we could survive without one but living in a rural village with one bus service to limited destinations every hour makes it impossible; despite us making no claims it's increasing by £15 a month! I'm livid, how do they justify increasing it so much above inflation, but going on price comparison sites it seems one of the cheaper options still, I'm considering lowering it by increasing the excess we'd pay but this terrifies me especially once my income is lowered on maternity leave, would I be able to just find £100-150 like that should something happen? Maybe i'd be better trying to do so and then put the extra money we'd save away in an emergency fund to pay for it should it happen (or any other emergency) I've been considering this for a while now, at least it's in my control still then to use if it's needed rather than paying extra for zero excess but never benefitting (not that a claim would be a benefit but you see what i mean). It also irks me that figures released recently that estimate how many uninsured drivers there are out there, very frustrating when us law-abiding citizens are clearly paying to make up the difference.

Anyway I digress. Living costs are certainly increasing, so I really need now more than ever to take control of our debt and spending. This includes sourcing cheaper alternatives for things we buy, not buying anything that we truly don't really need, stopping splurging on little items and treats for GS unless they are bargains/car boot finds and even then i need to encourage saving them for bday/xmas treats rather than showering him with treats which I know he doesn't really need (this will probably be my hardest challenge), not eating out much when theres an abundance of food at home, and shopping wisely according to a meal planner & making things go further. I also want to get back in to crafting again, so i can build up a couple of homemade gifts for birthdays and xmas.

Another challenge will be over the summer holidays. Whilst gs is not yet at school (he starts in September) my niece is and Granny Nanny & I look after her whilst her Mum is at work throughout the holidays. The challenges with this are both kids love to get out and about and are very hard to entertain at home, they are a little young yet to involve in many home-craft activities without getting bored after 5-10 mins, so it proves very exhausting to constantly put on a new craft hour after hour, day after day, so we end up going out, which usually ends up costing money be it in fuel, food or admission. I have been researching local events advertised in the library and out and about with low-cost/free activites, and think I have accrued a pretty good list so far!

The birthday plans are well underway! We have chosen a Toy Story 3/space theme seeing as GS loves this and also there is an abundance of stuff for this in the shops right now. My MIL bought some themed paper plates, cups and napkins, and i've roped in all my lovely family members to make cakes for a fab tea party spread. I'm hoping to go around the local B&M to get a few goodies for party bags (nothing major- i really disagree with expensive lavish party bags!) and thanks to your excellent suggestions I have quite a few good toddler party games up my sleeve.

Friday, 2 July 2010

3 year old birthday party ideas welcome!

It is GS's 3rd birthday in August (my doesn't time fly!) so after a bit if umming and aahing about what to do we've decided on a tea party at home for close friends and family and their children, there will be about half a dozen or so toddlers so I want to put on a few party games, make some party bags etc but desperately need ideas please!!

Anyone got any links to blogs or websites with ideas for toddler parties, things I can perhaps make for the goody bags or games? Anything you've tried yourself that went down well? I'd be very grateful if you could share!

I already have in mind to put on a buffet of traditional party food; homemade biscuits & cupcakes, Angel delight & starwberries, sandwiches, sausage rolls, pineapple & cheese on sticks, homemade pink lemonade, etc. I'll be roping in family to help me prepare it, and then it can all be ready before guests around so I can mingle better without rushing around. Going to get a cool box and pop ice in it to keep adult drinks cool so people can help themselves. I remember last year we had a BBQ at August bank holiday and I seemed to spend most of it in the kitchen fetching drinks, cutlery and cloths as Mr G.T was busy guarding the BBQ, so want to avoid that this time around!

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Reader, I married him!

I have been reminiscing about our wedding day a lot lately so thought i'd indulge myself by posting up a few photos from the day. We went to Mr G.T's brother's wedding last weekend, which was beautiful and made me naturally remember my own fondly, then it was our own 4th wedding anniversary a few days later.
We were married on Midsummer's Day in 2006, the sun was shining and we had a fantastic celebration. It's quite crazy when you remember all the preparation and planning that goes in to one day, but it is all worth it when you have such special memories to treasure, plus I did make a lot of things myself such as the confetti cones, table decorations, place names, table plan etc so that takes a deal of planning and time but you get such a warm glow of achievement after, not to mention a lighter pocket!

The top photo is the view from our reception in Higham, I fell in love with the Derbyshire view!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Special Days

The weather has been glorious here, I've been grateful for a little shade in the garden at times and my trusty fan at work, but apart from that I refuse to moan, it's so nice when the sun is shining, the best therapy there is!

Everything is growing so wonderfully in the garden, we are enjoying those fresh red strawberries I can tell you, well, when I get one, GS seems to find them all first!
The tractors have been so busy on the fields behind our house hay making. It always feels like summer is finally here when that happens, and GS adores watching them go round and round working busily each day/evening.
I will be 20 weeks pregnant on Saturday, half way through, I can hardly believe it! Next Tuesday is our scan, hoping all comes back fine. We aren't going to find out the sex as we've decided it would be a lovely surprise to find out at delivery, and especially for Mr G.T to let me know first at that special moment, so I'm sticking to my guns and resisting temptation to find out early! There have been plenty of kicks and my belly is definitely growing nicely now.
Potty training is in full swing here, and GS is doing fantastic. I have to say I am pleased we waited a little with him, he seems much happier now to be doing it than i think he would have been a few months ago. He has had a few accidents in his pants, to be expected I guess, but he is really getting the hang now of pulling them down and going in his potty, I'm so proud!! Last night after he had gone to bed with a nappy on he shouted over the monitor that he needed to do a wee so we trooped back up to help him out of his nightclothes on to his potty (he struggles to do this at night because he has to wear boots & bar because he was born with Talipes) and he did a wee!!!! Thats the first time he has actually told us he has needed to go, and so a big step! I have splashed out (is that an appropriate phrase lol?) on a travel potty too, not the cheapest but a good investment I think to help when he is out and about, he unfortunately had an accident in Thomas Cook yesterday whilst out with my Mum and seemed very sad about it poor dude, so hopefully this will help, thankfully the staff at Thomas Cook were very understanding.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

May blossoms been and gone

It's official, I am becoming a rubbish blogger!

In my defence as I became increasingly back to my old self and the nausea waned, poor GS has been poorly and quite a handful along with it. Since mid-April now he has been suffering with what we thought was a cold, runny nose, sneezing, off his food, coughing, and generally ben ill-tempered and very hard to please. Turned out it was hayfever. Now he is on the antihistamine syrup he is much better, back to his old self again, such a relief. I am slightly gutted he has an allergy, I grew up with Asthma and my Mum has hayfever so was hoping that he would avoid such things, but I guess not, but at least now we know and can manage it better to avoid weeks of misery for him again I hope.

Things in the garden have been fantastic. We've enjoyed a fabulous crop of rocket and mixed salad leaves, it's so satisfying to be able to freshly pick your own salad minutes before serving dinner! The raspberries & tomatoes are flowering, strawberries are ripening, the courgette has survived the rain so far, and we have garlic, beetroot, carrots, & onions growing underneath the surface. Even our olive tree is producing flowers so hopefully our 1st crop of olives this year!

Sadly the may blossom had just started to look amazing and then yesterday the rain came and washed it all away, such a shame, but at least the gardens getting a healthy soaking.
I've also rediscovered my baking mojo now the nausea has lessened, and with help from "Cookie Magic" by Kate Shirazi there are some delicious and simple recipes in there that are low cost and delicious! GS & I baked Anzac biscuits yesterday, might go for a blackberry jam version of the lemon biscuits today!
Thrifting has been non existent really, I must give myself a kick and get back in to it, lord knows I need to save money now more than ever, I did pick up a couple of great xmas presents in the charity shop that have gone away in my goody bag ready for the season to start but I'm afraid apart from that its been convenience all the way recently, bad bad thrifter, I may have to change my blog name to Betty Spendalot! Still, time to turn things around, wish me luck!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Things are growing!

And it's not just my belly, look!

Raspberry canes!


My rhodedendron

And of course GS!

Sorry I disappeared off the face of the planet through April, it seemed to go so fast, and I ahd my hands full with battling on through the morning sickness, getting GS to ditch the dummy (which he has done, such a big boy!) and off work whilst Granny Nanny had a holiday (she did very well to escape just before the ash cloud descended and returned once it was all over, lucky lady!)

Things are very well with bump, I am feeling movement already (either that or I have a very strangely overactive gut!) and can detect the heartbeat on my doppler, my official due date is now the 13th November!

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Sorry I haven't been updating lately, I keep talking photos with all intentions of coming on and discussing my day but am so utterly exhausted and nauseous right now I very often end up just staying away from the PC altogether!
GS has been a little tricky lately, he had a virus over the weekend and now seems to have regressed back to being an argumentative toddler who cannot be pleased, which isn't exactly helping when Mummy has very little strength or willpower to battle with, and Granny Nanny has gone on her holidays to Portugal today so I'm home alone, think i might have to get messy crafts out later just to keep him happy, nevermind the mess and just let him get on with it!

My scan is booked for the 29th April, so a little under 2 weeks left, bit nervous again but with how utterly awful I am feeling the upside is it must mean hormones & growth is agogo and all is well surely?!

Hope you like the few pics above from the past couple of weeks

Sunday, 28 March 2010


Sorry to have gone quiet it's been busy and emotional this week.
Thankfully, little baby Snowdrop is tucked up safe and well so far so good, we know this as we ended up having a scan on Wednesday after I'd experienced abdominal and back pains Monday and Tuesday, I'd convinced myself something had happened (which only amplified things i think) so when we all trooped off to the EPU Wednesday lunchtime I was not expecting to see all was ok but there it was all tucked up, the size of a grain of rice, barely recognisable on the screen, but already with a fluttering strong heartbeat, I was choked! Still getting the back ache (may or may not be a kidney infection) but feeling much better now and able to face the next 5 weeks before our dating scan a little more positively.

What is going on with the weather, awful showers this week then yesterday when I had to work all day it was sunny and warm, not fair! Now apparently snow is forecast for this week, whaaaat?!! I am however feeling very Springlike now the clocks have gone forward and we have more daylight to make the most of (when the sun is out). We out the sunflower seedlings outside yesterday to try and harden them but bought them in for the night, will continue to do this for the next few days but if snow does come then i'm not sure it's the right time to plant them in to the ground/pots just yet, but i think they won't like it if I leave them too long all crowded up in the seed tray. Any advice?

We spent last night at Nottingham racecourse watching greyhound racing for a colleague of Mr G.T's leaving do. I was dubious at first about whether it would be my cup of tea, I have reservations about any form of racing and animal welfare, but I was really pleased to see they fully support the Retired Greyhound Trust with a percentage of all the takings for each race that provides housing and care for 6 retired greyhounds at the center. There were lots of posters around advertising how lovely retired greyhounds are as pets and it got us both thinking how much we'd love a dog, how lovely it would be to give a dog a loving family home and help us too to stay active and get out and about more with a dog to enjoy the walks even more with. Hmm, not sure that any will be compatible with 3 cats and a toddler though (and hopefully a newborn soon) probably not, but it's something I'd consider for the future. They are beautiful animals.

Monday, 22 March 2010

I love Spring!

Thank you so much for your kind messages of congratulations on our bit of news, it's still sinking in, time seems to have frozen and is now dragging on very slowly, but trying to find ways of distracting myself from over analysing every last twinge and ache. I'm feeling extremely rough, exhausted and nauseous, so hoping that's a good sign all is growing nicely.

I am off from work today yet the sun isn't shining so am taking it is an ideal day to get cracking on with potty training, yes I must be mad!

As you can see the sunflowers are growing nicely, we have a couple on this plantpot which is GS's own little pot he is tending to with a little help, and we have tray also which is overflowing, it must have at least 20 seedlings in! I think i'll give them a bit longer yet before planting them out just in case the frosts keep coming.

The garden is gradually taking shape, we've bought a few more plants including a varigated Hebe, a honeysuckle for my trellis, some black grass and summer heathers. I also got several spring bulbs for the garden from GS (& Mr G.T) for Mothering Sunday including hyacinths, tulips and daffodils, so my pots are bountiful with Spring goodies! Sadly the money we were putting to one side to get the decking started had to be spent when the oven suddenly went pop, but hopefully if we knuckle down we can get the savings started up again.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

It's been an interesting week...

I am 5 weeks. Oh so excited but equally as terrified, it's been a real compost heap of emotions and I'm feeling like every day is slowly passing, still, patience is a key ingredient to motherhood so I'm just going to have to try and stay positive and take it a day at a time.

Monday, 8 March 2010

A ride to Buxton

The road from Ashbourne to Buxton, beautiful Dale countrside!

Buxton country park

This old abandoned house reminded me of the beautifully haunting houses Jude meets on her walks in Crete so I felt inspired to take some pics!

Daddy giving GS a helping hand on the woodland walk

A rather large fallen tree root

The beautiful Buxton country park woodland we explored!

As you can see what a lovely relaxing Sunday! The sun was shining, it was cold (there was still snow in parts) but gloriously clear blue skies meant we decided to take the car and head out to the Dales to Buxton. We packed a picnic and ended up at the country park where GS amazed us by doing quite a steep walk in to the woodland, he loved it!
It's always so relaxing driving through the Dales and seeing such beautiful countryside; farms, stone walls, rivers, railways, and the 1st lambs of Spring!!
I am inspired to get cracking on the gardening today, GS & I are going to get the sunflower seeds planted and if it stays dry I'll get the garden weeded. As you can see from the title photo the bulbs are out and looking beautiful!