Sunday, 28 March 2010


Sorry to have gone quiet it's been busy and emotional this week.
Thankfully, little baby Snowdrop is tucked up safe and well so far so good, we know this as we ended up having a scan on Wednesday after I'd experienced abdominal and back pains Monday and Tuesday, I'd convinced myself something had happened (which only amplified things i think) so when we all trooped off to the EPU Wednesday lunchtime I was not expecting to see all was ok but there it was all tucked up, the size of a grain of rice, barely recognisable on the screen, but already with a fluttering strong heartbeat, I was choked! Still getting the back ache (may or may not be a kidney infection) but feeling much better now and able to face the next 5 weeks before our dating scan a little more positively.

What is going on with the weather, awful showers this week then yesterday when I had to work all day it was sunny and warm, not fair! Now apparently snow is forecast for this week, whaaaat?!! I am however feeling very Springlike now the clocks have gone forward and we have more daylight to make the most of (when the sun is out). We out the sunflower seedlings outside yesterday to try and harden them but bought them in for the night, will continue to do this for the next few days but if snow does come then i'm not sure it's the right time to plant them in to the ground/pots just yet, but i think they won't like it if I leave them too long all crowded up in the seed tray. Any advice?

We spent last night at Nottingham racecourse watching greyhound racing for a colleague of Mr G.T's leaving do. I was dubious at first about whether it would be my cup of tea, I have reservations about any form of racing and animal welfare, but I was really pleased to see they fully support the Retired Greyhound Trust with a percentage of all the takings for each race that provides housing and care for 6 retired greyhounds at the center. There were lots of posters around advertising how lovely retired greyhounds are as pets and it got us both thinking how much we'd love a dog, how lovely it would be to give a dog a loving family home and help us too to stay active and get out and about more with a dog to enjoy the walks even more with. Hmm, not sure that any will be compatible with 3 cats and a toddler though (and hopefully a newborn soon) probably not, but it's something I'd consider for the future. They are beautiful animals.


  1. Glad to know that Peanut is tucked up all fine and safe

  2. Great to hear all is well.
    A friend of mine in the USA does a lot of work with a greyhound chrity there as she has one of those dogs herself.
    Lisa x

  3. Glad all is well - hope you don't have any more scary moments.
    Would definately recommend getting a dog - a friend of mine got a puppy the week her second child was born as she thought that she might as well get the messy stuff over all at once!

  4. We got our greyhound Rhonda from the RGT, cant recommend greyhounds enough, they make wonderful pets. Happy Easter x