Thursday, 4 March 2010


The title of my blogpost has a dubious question mark after it specifically because I can't quite believe yet that the snow is over, i just have this feeling there is going to be some towards the end of the month as Winter has one huge finale, we shall see! It has certainly been a wonderful break this week, the sun has shone, the bulbs are peeking through and GS has his sunglasses at the ready!
I think I have to say Spring is my favourite season, I love the warmer air, the bulbs flowering, the birds singing, Easter, and ofcourse the Hawthorn blossoming in to life! I am joining in the celebration of this over at Cathy's Nurturestore by taking part in the Sunflower Club after Cathy very kindly sent me some seeds; we are going to get our kids (little and big) to sew sunflower seeds then we'll get learning about all kinds of things as they grow, such a fab idea! Feel free to follow the link at the top right of my blog to join the club as well, there's still time to buy some sunflower seeds and join in!
Sorry I have been a bit absent, we are in the process of swapping PC's and therefore Mr G.T has been spending most of the evenings online while I have been lazing around, very naughty I know, I am really so desperate though for the warm light evenings to come so I can be pottering in the garden or have a stroll after tea, I am becoming increasingly demotivated by the cold weather and I'm becoming fat on all the baking we have been doing to occupy the time!
Our walk above was around a beautiful nature park in Nottinghamshire that has been set up on the site of an old coal pit. I know I am seeming to be obsessed about these, especially as our back garden is also part of a reformed pit yard, but I think that's more of the area I live in, so much of it was colliery land in the not too distant past, so it makes sense that most of the open spaces now are land that's been given back to nature from the industrial past. I think it makes it somehow more poetic and beautiful, that it has been through so much and yet now the land is tranquil, full of wildlife and best of all free to roam around! As you can also see, GS got a little bit muddy!!


  1. Am hoping the snow has gone but you can never be 100% sure. I remember snow in June one year when I was a child!

  2. I'm not convinced about the snow having fully disappeared, we have a grotty weekend forecasted x

  3. Some gorgeous pictures there! I totally agree, it's meant to be Spring but it somehow seems colder :(

    A few years ago in Glasgow we had snow in June!


  4. Oh I do like the fresh new colour of your blog!
    Looks like those muddy hands had lots of fun!
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Lisa x