Tuesday, 17 August 2010

New hair, new chapter

I've gone for the chop and had my hair cut, ready in preparation for having very little time to wash it let alone dry it (it was so long and thick it was taking over 5 hours to dry naturally or half an hour to blow dry it!) it's also put a lot more shine back in to it, so hopefully I can keep it healthier from now on. I go through stages with my hair, i've had it very long and very short, luckily my hair grows rather fast so can keep up the pace. I very often find that I chop and restyle my hair in response to changes in my life; new job, new baby, new outlook, etc, isn't it strange how something as simple as our hair can form such a part of our identity and our statement to the world about how we are and how we're feeling?

Big news this week in the Thrift household is our gorgeous son turned 3!!

The good news is he enjoyed his party and birthday very much, probably the 1st one he has really been old enough to understand and get excited about! The bad news- we have a house full of huge plastic toys that are taking over, and requiring a massive shop for batteries, aaaghhh!
Feeling a little low today, I am realising being nearly 7 months pregnant and getting a stinking cold is not a good combination, but then again I should count my blessings, compared to last year my health has been fantastic and this is the 1st cold for months, so I'll just take it easy today, eat jacket potato with cheese & beans (my newest craving!) and keep putting the roof back on the lego police car GS has been given for the hundredth time today!

We are off on Friday for a few nights in York; I love this city and haven't been before with hubby and GS so looking forward to exploring the old sights with them and showing GS the railway museum especially! The hotel we are staying at is actually converted railway carriages by the side of the main line, so should be very exciting for GS (and Hubby!!)

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Hows my Garden growing?

It's been lovely all day today in Derbyshire, for a change, so a chance to sit out and enjoy the garden! We have done well this year with the fruit and veg, hopefully this may continue as we've set some plants for winter now in the front veg patch; cabbage, cauliflower & brussels.
It's been another summer of not being able to do too much in the garden myself but hopefully plenty of time for that in years to come once the babymaking is done and dusted and the kids are older.
Off to scoff a chocolate & coconut brownie, snarf!!! Have a lovely evening!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Pictures from Anglesey

I apologise, it has been a few weeks since our return from holiday and I'm very late sharing our pictures, but here they are, we had a fabulous time as you can see!