Saturday, 25 July 2009

The wonder of the picnic

Myself, Granny Nanny, my son, and my niece went for a trip to Rufford Abbey to make the most of a rare sunny day in July! I love it here, particularly on a dry day there is so much to see and do; lakes, ducks, swans, woodland, cafe, the historic 12th century abbey, butterflies, craft centre, art gallery, arboretum, adventure playground, an old mill, modern sculpture... it satisfies my senses and indulges my desires, as well as entertaining the kids, bonus!

I have a bit of an obsession with picnics, probably a result of my childhood spending many a day trip out in the Derbyshire Dales, Peak District, or Norfolk sitting in the car completely washed out by the usual "British summer" rain eating Waggon Wheels, salmon & cucumber rolls (cobs to us), pork pie and scotch eggs, mmmmm the best memories! From the first year Mr G.T & I started dating we have gone for daytrips and ride-outs armed with a little picnic basket packed full of goodies and delights! Somehow eating al-fresco, or even sat in the car looking out to the countryside beyond, makes the simplest of spreads taste divine. Of course the best picnics are ones where you can lay out in the sun on a giant rug, sipping wine, eating smoked salmon and various cheeses, the kids running around enjoying the freedom of the outdoors, all topped off with cake (a quintessential picnic item!) However, good weather isn't a necessary ingredient, you can even have a picnic sat indoors on a rug in your conservatory, or inside a play house as the rain patters down, as long as there are nibbles, a lack of cutlery and you are sat around in good company enjoying the occasion, it's a memorable picnic!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Baking Tea Loaf

Low fat and delicious, my gorgeous son loved helping with the mixing, although actually i think it was more the juicy soaked raisins he was shuffling in to his mouth that swung it!

Recipe taken from BBC Good Food- Fruity Teacake except I used dried mixed fruit, peach juice instead of orange juice.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Learning something new...

While at work today I took it upon myself to disapear in to the library for a few moments to search through the craft section, so many books so little time, I came out with 3 lovely books to try and help me develop my craft skills, more specifically to learn how to sew! I have a wish to create beautiful things, reconnect with my creativity, or at least learn to sew a hem up properly (currently Granny Nanny kindly does this for me, but really, I am 28, I should be standing on my own 2 feet now really eh?!) I used to be able to pick up a new skill really easily, especially crafts, but these days I feel scared to do so, how silly, time i faced that demon and went for it, hence the books!
The three I have chosen are:
  • Lost Crafts: Rediscovering Traditional Skills- Una McGovern (ISBN 978-0-550-10426-7)
  • The Complete Book of Sewing (ISBN 1-4053-1295-5)
  • Home-made Vintage - Christina Strutt (ISBN 1-904991-43-2)

I shall report my opinions on them at a later date, and hopefully the results of my tuition will be beautiful!

So as I finish my Guinness (for medicinal purposes of course!) I am off to snuggle up to Mr G.T on the sofa with my 1st book, wish me luck!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Monday Morning

My first blog post, be gentle with me...
The Holmes-Rahe scale lists marriage, divorce, pregnancy, moving house, redundancy, illness and miscarriage among the top traumatic life events, for me these have all been part of the ups and downs of my life over the past 3 years, needless to say I am feeling a little bit shattered.
I am now happily married (to Mr G.T) with divorced parents, one gorgeous Son (GS) about to turn 2, living in my new house on Hawthorn Hill thick in Derbyshire countryside, with my Mum who is my fabulous Granny Nanny (GN), finally enjoying my job as a Librarian after being made redundant from the world of finance in 2008, recovering from a miscarriage that's left my health pitiful and my heart aching.
This blog is going to reflect my change of approach, inward instead of outward looking, thrift instead of splurge, trusting my inner voice instead of the cacophony of everyday.
Moving to make the most of what I have, who I am and all I hold.