Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Autumn is here!

Well, it certainly feels like Autumn this week, everywhere is beautifully decorated in red, orange and yellow and it's certainly dropped chilly, but I love those sunny frosty starts and cozy nights snuggled up under a blanket, I wonder if it's just really because I love wearing my winter boots, but whatever the reason behind it, I love Autumn in all it's glory!

I've been easily distracted this week making and baking, so firstly i will share some pictures of the fruits of my labour so you can see I really have been busy and not avoiding you all in the slightest!

These are the handmade baby burping cloths I made for my friend who is pregnant with twins, she loved them which made me very proud, I hope she will have a million and one uses for them and enjoy them! I've started on matching bibs and toys but I will send her these once the twins arrive i think.

This is actually an Apple Meringue, and tasted delicious, i followed a simple recipe out of the Somerfield magazine i picked up and it was great and not too sugary either, i even made the pastry myself instead of buying frozen like the recipe suggested, pah, i love pastry making why not do it yourself!!!
We've also started enjoying our country walks even more now, it just feels great to get wrapped up and stroll out somewhere, I guess it's easier now GS is walking and we don't have to drag the pushchair around everywhere we go, it makes fields, forests and felleys a lot more inviting, not that our 3-wheeler buggy wasn't pretty good at trails, it just feels like we have much more freedom without having to take it everywhere, as well as GS enjoying chasing alongside us and of course the obligatory jumping in puddles and kicking leaves... you just can't do that in a buggy! I'm finding myself drawn more and more to revisiting old haunts from my childhood, places i remember and enjoy from being a kid, wanting to pass on that experience and enjoyment to GS, we are blessed we live so near such beautiful countryside. I have some great photos from our recent walks to share, but alas I am tired tonight from a long day, so am off to snuggle with my hot mint chocolate and will post more tomorrow i hope.... so long x

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Blog Action Day 09 -Climate Change!

I was hoping to do a long post on here about this today but as GS has a cold (and consequently is being very trying this morning) I'll make it brief!

If you want to learn more about current findings on Climate Change then the WWF's research on the Arctic is very informative http://www.wwf.org.uk/?uNewsID=3386 this indicates even more than before that the world is getting warmer, and illustrates the importance of action now before it's too late. I personally feel the best way to tackle this is for a global deal that will cut emissions and commit every country and very individual within it to do something. It's hard to envisage what will happen in the future if we don't, and i think that explains some of the apathy people have towards being green, something thats hard to predict or forecast becomes mystified and almost mythological to people and they assume "it won't affect me", but there are small simple changes we can all make that can have an effect and it's easier than ever now to become educated and eco-aware, so we all have a duty to do our best.

Importantly for me I think is educating our children, bringing them up aware of the environment, recycling, minimising waste and eco-issues is so important in bringing about change.

Another point that often gets overlooked or glossed over is the effects every business has on climate change in this country. Although many have made attempts to be greener, I am sure we all know examples from where we work of where changes could easily be made to be greener; energy efficient bulbs/heating/lighting, simple recycling, less waste, less packaging etc. I have found shocking examples at every place I have worked where things are unnecessarily wasted or no recycling system is in place, it's very frustrating. I think if the examples I have seen are repeated throughout the country, and the world, then we still have a long way to go.


Today is also Infant Loss Awareness Day. At 7pm tonight across the world people will be lighting candles to remember their lost children or friends/family that have suffered a loss, it's something I have taken part in for years as sadly I have a few friends who have suffered the loss of a child, but this year will be the most poignant yet as 6 months has passed since my own miscarriage at 9 weeks. It's very often something that people grieve about in private, and is very difficult for anyone who hasn't been through it to truly understand, but days like today highlight that you aren't alone, and it's ok to grieve, remember and live with your loss.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A busy bee...

Sorry to have gone quiet, it has been a busy few days in the "Thrift" household, mostly because I have been at work (boo!) and GS has been teething (double boo!) but great news, his final molars are here and after 2 years of teething i think we are done, hurrah!! I am however questioning what joys will be coming next, potty training is my guess, eep!

My work colleague starts her maternity leave for her twins next week so I am busy working away on her gifts, so far I have 2 burping cloths made, and 2 more to go (i'll post pics when they are finished), then I am hoping to make them one each of these delightful toys http://makeitandloveit.blogspot.com/2009/04/stuffed-animal-part-ii.html that Ashley has kindly shared over on Make it and Love It, I am however really struggling to get my hands on any batting, there seems to be a national shortage, so I might use some balls out of an old bean bag i have saved but concerned about the choking element of this incase any of the seams broke, so might have to take some stuffing from another teddy and replace it once I get some, unless anyone has any inspiring ideas?