Thursday, 15 April 2010


Sorry I haven't been updating lately, I keep talking photos with all intentions of coming on and discussing my day but am so utterly exhausted and nauseous right now I very often end up just staying away from the PC altogether!
GS has been a little tricky lately, he had a virus over the weekend and now seems to have regressed back to being an argumentative toddler who cannot be pleased, which isn't exactly helping when Mummy has very little strength or willpower to battle with, and Granny Nanny has gone on her holidays to Portugal today so I'm home alone, think i might have to get messy crafts out later just to keep him happy, nevermind the mess and just let him get on with it!

My scan is booked for the 29th April, so a little under 2 weeks left, bit nervous again but with how utterly awful I am feeling the upside is it must mean hormones & growth is agogo and all is well surely?!

Hope you like the few pics above from the past couple of weeks