Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Reader, I married him!

I have been reminiscing about our wedding day a lot lately so thought i'd indulge myself by posting up a few photos from the day. We went to Mr G.T's brother's wedding last weekend, which was beautiful and made me naturally remember my own fondly, then it was our own 4th wedding anniversary a few days later.
We were married on Midsummer's Day in 2006, the sun was shining and we had a fantastic celebration. It's quite crazy when you remember all the preparation and planning that goes in to one day, but it is all worth it when you have such special memories to treasure, plus I did make a lot of things myself such as the confetti cones, table decorations, place names, table plan etc so that takes a deal of planning and time but you get such a warm glow of achievement after, not to mention a lighter pocket!

The top photo is the view from our reception in Higham, I fell in love with the Derbyshire view!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Special Days

The weather has been glorious here, I've been grateful for a little shade in the garden at times and my trusty fan at work, but apart from that I refuse to moan, it's so nice when the sun is shining, the best therapy there is!

Everything is growing so wonderfully in the garden, we are enjoying those fresh red strawberries I can tell you, well, when I get one, GS seems to find them all first!
The tractors have been so busy on the fields behind our house hay making. It always feels like summer is finally here when that happens, and GS adores watching them go round and round working busily each day/evening.
I will be 20 weeks pregnant on Saturday, half way through, I can hardly believe it! Next Tuesday is our scan, hoping all comes back fine. We aren't going to find out the sex as we've decided it would be a lovely surprise to find out at delivery, and especially for Mr G.T to let me know first at that special moment, so I'm sticking to my guns and resisting temptation to find out early! There have been plenty of kicks and my belly is definitely growing nicely now.
Potty training is in full swing here, and GS is doing fantastic. I have to say I am pleased we waited a little with him, he seems much happier now to be doing it than i think he would have been a few months ago. He has had a few accidents in his pants, to be expected I guess, but he is really getting the hang now of pulling them down and going in his potty, I'm so proud!! Last night after he had gone to bed with a nappy on he shouted over the monitor that he needed to do a wee so we trooped back up to help him out of his nightclothes on to his potty (he struggles to do this at night because he has to wear boots & bar because he was born with Talipes) and he did a wee!!!! Thats the first time he has actually told us he has needed to go, and so a big step! I have splashed out (is that an appropriate phrase lol?) on a travel potty too, not the cheapest but a good investment I think to help when he is out and about, he unfortunately had an accident in Thomas Cook yesterday whilst out with my Mum and seemed very sad about it poor dude, so hopefully this will help, thankfully the staff at Thomas Cook were very understanding.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

May blossoms been and gone

It's official, I am becoming a rubbish blogger!

In my defence as I became increasingly back to my old self and the nausea waned, poor GS has been poorly and quite a handful along with it. Since mid-April now he has been suffering with what we thought was a cold, runny nose, sneezing, off his food, coughing, and generally ben ill-tempered and very hard to please. Turned out it was hayfever. Now he is on the antihistamine syrup he is much better, back to his old self again, such a relief. I am slightly gutted he has an allergy, I grew up with Asthma and my Mum has hayfever so was hoping that he would avoid such things, but I guess not, but at least now we know and can manage it better to avoid weeks of misery for him again I hope.

Things in the garden have been fantastic. We've enjoyed a fabulous crop of rocket and mixed salad leaves, it's so satisfying to be able to freshly pick your own salad minutes before serving dinner! The raspberries & tomatoes are flowering, strawberries are ripening, the courgette has survived the rain so far, and we have garlic, beetroot, carrots, & onions growing underneath the surface. Even our olive tree is producing flowers so hopefully our 1st crop of olives this year!

Sadly the may blossom had just started to look amazing and then yesterday the rain came and washed it all away, such a shame, but at least the gardens getting a healthy soaking.
I've also rediscovered my baking mojo now the nausea has lessened, and with help from "Cookie Magic" by Kate Shirazi there are some delicious and simple recipes in there that are low cost and delicious! GS & I baked Anzac biscuits yesterday, might go for a blackberry jam version of the lemon biscuits today!
Thrifting has been non existent really, I must give myself a kick and get back in to it, lord knows I need to save money now more than ever, I did pick up a couple of great xmas presents in the charity shop that have gone away in my goody bag ready for the season to start but I'm afraid apart from that its been convenience all the way recently, bad bad thrifter, I may have to change my blog name to Betty Spendalot! Still, time to turn things around, wish me luck!