Tuesday, 8 June 2010

May blossoms been and gone

It's official, I am becoming a rubbish blogger!

In my defence as I became increasingly back to my old self and the nausea waned, poor GS has been poorly and quite a handful along with it. Since mid-April now he has been suffering with what we thought was a cold, runny nose, sneezing, off his food, coughing, and generally ben ill-tempered and very hard to please. Turned out it was hayfever. Now he is on the antihistamine syrup he is much better, back to his old self again, such a relief. I am slightly gutted he has an allergy, I grew up with Asthma and my Mum has hayfever so was hoping that he would avoid such things, but I guess not, but at least now we know and can manage it better to avoid weeks of misery for him again I hope.

Things in the garden have been fantastic. We've enjoyed a fabulous crop of rocket and mixed salad leaves, it's so satisfying to be able to freshly pick your own salad minutes before serving dinner! The raspberries & tomatoes are flowering, strawberries are ripening, the courgette has survived the rain so far, and we have garlic, beetroot, carrots, & onions growing underneath the surface. Even our olive tree is producing flowers so hopefully our 1st crop of olives this year!

Sadly the may blossom had just started to look amazing and then yesterday the rain came and washed it all away, such a shame, but at least the gardens getting a healthy soaking.
I've also rediscovered my baking mojo now the nausea has lessened, and with help from "Cookie Magic" by Kate Shirazi there are some delicious and simple recipes in there that are low cost and delicious! GS & I baked Anzac biscuits yesterday, might go for a blackberry jam version of the lemon biscuits today!
Thrifting has been non existent really, I must give myself a kick and get back in to it, lord knows I need to save money now more than ever, I did pick up a couple of great xmas presents in the charity shop that have gone away in my goody bag ready for the season to start but I'm afraid apart from that its been convenience all the way recently, bad bad thrifter, I may have to change my blog name to Betty Spendalot! Still, time to turn things around, wish me luck!


  1. I have been wondering if Mini has hayfeaver. MadDad suffers nad we too hope the boys had avoided it!

  2. My daughter has developed hayfever for the first time this year - I think it's been a bad one. Or was, until that rain!

  3. Poor GS, but at least you know what's wrong now.Glad to hear that your garden is doing well, not to mention your bump!

  4. Good to hear that everyone is well, hope the bump is cooking nicely! Here the horse chesnut blossom has been magnificent, I hope we get a bumper crop of conkers take care x

  5. Great to hear from you! Sorry to hear your little one has been feeling yucky, good though that the syrup is helping.
    Did someone mention cookies, I'll just put the kettle on?!
    Lisa x

  6. Glad you are all returning to normal - how long left to go? xxxx

  7. Aww, poor babe being poorly, glad to hear the medicine has helped. Those cookies look delish, I would love one with a cuppa now!

  8. Sorry he has allergies: he has my every sympathy. I suffer with them all year round (something I never had any issues with until I moved to Thetford Forest area). Once I moved to Texas, my defenses were down and I got hit by practically every weird plant out there my body hadn't excperienced. I take zyrtek at night 365 days a year. It really helps. I'm grateful he only suffers a few weeks out of the year!