Monday, 10 May 2010

Things are growing!

And it's not just my belly, look!

Raspberry canes!


My rhodedendron

And of course GS!

Sorry I disappeared off the face of the planet through April, it seemed to go so fast, and I ahd my hands full with battling on through the morning sickness, getting GS to ditch the dummy (which he has done, such a big boy!) and off work whilst Granny Nanny had a holiday (she did very well to escape just before the ash cloud descended and returned once it was all over, lucky lady!)

Things are very well with bump, I am feeling movement already (either that or I have a very strangely overactive gut!) and can detect the heartbeat on my doppler, my official due date is now the 13th November!


  1. Lovely photo of your little boy!
    Is that your garden? It's beautiful!
    So pleased to here all is well.
    Lisa x

  2. Glad you are well!
    The garden looks fantastic too.

  3. Exciting stuff!!! Glad you are well. xxx PS your garden looks lovely

  4. The plants look great in tubs! We need to replace our raspberries, they lasted about 15 years and then gave up and I miss them! Hope you stay feeling well. xx

  5. Your garden looks lovely, it sounds like you are enjoying your pregnancy, take it easy x

  6. Thank you! Yes that's our garden, I'm very lucky, although when GS is running around all over, it still doesn't quite seem big enough! Thank you for all the best wishes, hugs!

  7. Your garden is looking great hun, come and sort out mine ;)

  8. Glad to see (and read) things are going so well! GS is growing so big! Do we get to see some belly pics soon? Can't wait to see them! Hugs to you all :D

  9. Hello. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog- you're in the lucky-dip for the necklace. Poor you feeling so sick. Think back on both my pregnancies with a slightly nauseous feeling. Soon be over though, then you've got the sleepless nights and endless feeding! Ali x