Thursday, 7 October 2010

Hello again!!

Many thanks for the lovely messages on my photos!

I had uploaded them with every intention of following it up with a detailed update seeing as I have been very quiet on here of late, but GS had other ideas by coming down with a bad cold, so I had to abandon at the upload stage so in effect it was a post and run!

As you can see we had great fun doing the photoshoot, I really wanted to get a few nice bump ones with us as a momento, it just goes so fast, hard to believe baby will be here at some point by the end of next month, where has the time gone?! I still find myself smiling when I realise I will soon be a mum of two, I think for a long while this pregnancy has been very symbolic of everything we went through with GS and my miscarriage last year, so I am hoping and praying for a healthy bouncy baby this time, and will only truly feel like I can relax once baby is here (emotionally that is, not physically obviously lol!)

I get a lot of questions asked now when I am at work and in public about how far left, comments about how huge I am then in the next conversation someone will say how small I am, I have to say I feel well versed in all this from last time, people say the funniest things when they see a bump! I get a lot of obvious questions about whether its a boy or a girl, and then peoples predictions follow, but genuinely I am very keen to obviously finally meet and know the flavour of our little bundle, but not fussed at all one way or the other, I'd be very blessed to have 2 boys or a boy and a girl as my family, I do just actually want a healthy baby at the end, I just can't wait to meet them now, well maybe a few more weeks of sleep first!

My finish day for work is fast approaching, my last shift is October 18th, when I will be 36 + weeks, work have been amazing to me and very accomodating, but it is tiring to be on my feet and up and down a lot as you do, so it will be nice to be able to finish and put my feet up a bit more in the weeks approaching d-day.

I have been very organised for Christmas and have quite a few presents made and bought already, I may even admit to having my cards and giftwrap ready... it's still my intention to continue with the homemade theme of presents for family like I did last year with apple chutney ready for the making, and then shortbread, biscuits and flapjacks in the pipeline for nearer the time. I got the Lakeland xmas catalogue through the other day, oh so very tempting to go mad on cutters, craft tools and cellophane bags from there, might have to reign it in for something cheaper but still, it's always free to browse (and dream!)