Thursday, 24 June 2010

Special Days

The weather has been glorious here, I've been grateful for a little shade in the garden at times and my trusty fan at work, but apart from that I refuse to moan, it's so nice when the sun is shining, the best therapy there is!

Everything is growing so wonderfully in the garden, we are enjoying those fresh red strawberries I can tell you, well, when I get one, GS seems to find them all first!
The tractors have been so busy on the fields behind our house hay making. It always feels like summer is finally here when that happens, and GS adores watching them go round and round working busily each day/evening.
I will be 20 weeks pregnant on Saturday, half way through, I can hardly believe it! Next Tuesday is our scan, hoping all comes back fine. We aren't going to find out the sex as we've decided it would be a lovely surprise to find out at delivery, and especially for Mr G.T to let me know first at that special moment, so I'm sticking to my guns and resisting temptation to find out early! There have been plenty of kicks and my belly is definitely growing nicely now.
Potty training is in full swing here, and GS is doing fantastic. I have to say I am pleased we waited a little with him, he seems much happier now to be doing it than i think he would have been a few months ago. He has had a few accidents in his pants, to be expected I guess, but he is really getting the hang now of pulling them down and going in his potty, I'm so proud!! Last night after he had gone to bed with a nappy on he shouted over the monitor that he needed to do a wee so we trooped back up to help him out of his nightclothes on to his potty (he struggles to do this at night because he has to wear boots & bar because he was born with Talipes) and he did a wee!!!! Thats the first time he has actually told us he has needed to go, and so a big step! I have splashed out (is that an appropriate phrase lol?) on a travel potty too, not the cheapest but a good investment I think to help when he is out and about, he unfortunately had an accident in Thomas Cook yesterday whilst out with my Mum and seemed very sad about it poor dude, so hopefully this will help, thankfully the staff at Thomas Cook were very understanding.


  1. Glad to hear your pregnancy is going well.
    Good luck with the potty training - its certianly the best time of year for it!

  2. He sounds like he has got the hang of it and there will be no stopping him now, good luck wit the scan, its so exciting x

  3. Bless his heart. Maybe "Pull Ups" or something similar would help the transition? Ya know, it's kind of a step backwards, but if you can get him to understand that they need to come off and then he can go potty instead of using them INSTEAD of, he might feel a little more confident knowing if he really can't hold it, he won't embarrass himself. It's not easy, I know. I had more issues with C during the day than at night honestly. She wouldn't TELL me she needed to go and then it was too late to get her anywhere when she was desperate. Best of British xx