Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Learning something new...

While at work today I took it upon myself to disapear in to the library for a few moments to search through the craft section, so many books so little time, I came out with 3 lovely books to try and help me develop my craft skills, more specifically to learn how to sew! I have a wish to create beautiful things, reconnect with my creativity, or at least learn to sew a hem up properly (currently Granny Nanny kindly does this for me, but really, I am 28, I should be standing on my own 2 feet now really eh?!) I used to be able to pick up a new skill really easily, especially crafts, but these days I feel scared to do so, how silly, time i faced that demon and went for it, hence the books!
The three I have chosen are:
  • Lost Crafts: Rediscovering Traditional Skills- Una McGovern (ISBN 978-0-550-10426-7)
  • The Complete Book of Sewing (ISBN 1-4053-1295-5)
  • Home-made Vintage - Christina Strutt (ISBN 1-904991-43-2)

I shall report my opinions on them at a later date, and hopefully the results of my tuition will be beautiful!

So as I finish my Guinness (for medicinal purposes of course!) I am off to snuggle up to Mr G.T on the sofa with my 1st book, wish me luck!

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  1. Home-made Vintage strikes my fancy, just by the title. Hope you enjoy the books.