Sunday, 8 August 2010

Hows my Garden growing?

It's been lovely all day today in Derbyshire, for a change, so a chance to sit out and enjoy the garden! We have done well this year with the fruit and veg, hopefully this may continue as we've set some plants for winter now in the front veg patch; cabbage, cauliflower & brussels.
It's been another summer of not being able to do too much in the garden myself but hopefully plenty of time for that in years to come once the babymaking is done and dusted and the kids are older.
Off to scoff a chocolate & coconut brownie, snarf!!! Have a lovely evening!


  1. Your Garden looks great, I wish we had more room for stuff

  2. Enjoy all the fruits (and veg) of your gardening labours!
    Lisa x

  3. Hello, Just found your blog.
    Love all your furry friends..Em x

  4. I've still got entirely green tomatoes but my courgettes are happily turning into marrows! xx