Monday, 15 February 2010

A rose...

I hope you all enjoyed a lovely Valentine's weekend?

We always celebrate as Valentine's night was our first ever date 8 years ago, and despite the sentiment of Valentine's being a lovely one it does remind me every year that it can be an incredibly lonely time for many, i certainly was not a fan before Mr G.T & I found each other, and therefore we never go mad, we enjoy a meal at our favourite restaurant together every year and get a little something thats special and personal to each other. Homemade and thoughtful gifts are so much better than overpriced shop bought stuff in my humble opinion.

We spent an icy morning on Thursday having a walk around the fields at the back of our home. GS is getting very good now at walking all the way around on his own and enjoying crunching in the icy puddles!

I love this particular field as 20 years ago this used to be the site of the main pit shaft of the local colliery, a site of such misery, dirt, hardship and tragedy at times. Now all that remains is a little painted sign on the gate that this was the pit yard entrance not so long ago. Now it is a calm, serene and beautiful place that hides it scars so well.

We came across this frozen puddle with such fantastic frozen ripples, i refused to let GS crunch this one up, it was too pretty!

Dear Daisy joined us on our little walk...

...and then got very upset when she sniffed some dogs being walked in the distance, she tried her best to persuade her crazy human pride to turn back as she sensed danger but we just didn't listen and kept on going past the hounds whilst she eventually got sick of trying to warn us and ran off for cover before they arrived hehe, she must think we are very silly.

I thought of several things this morning to blog about but now my time to write has come (as GS has a nap) i can't for the life of me remember a single one, oh dear, well I have the urge to make pastry maybe they'll come back to me then. Ta-ra for now.


  1. What beautiful photos - I love the frozen ripples in that puddle. What good company Daisy is walking with you, I'd love to be able to take Archie out with us when he's older but we're not in a suitable place - he'll have to stick to running about in the garden! xx

  2. I think you had a lot to say in the past, your walk looked lovely, I am always surprised to hear when a cat goes for a walk with its owners, dont know why I am surprised, I guess because I always thought a cat owns you rather than the other way round x

  3. I can think of nothing more lovely, especially when it involves a walk with cats!

  4. What did you make with the pastry?!
    Love the ripply puddle photo.
    Lisa x