Monday, 1 February 2010

Painting Plans

Well the plans for sorting out the front garden are underway, Mr G.T has measured up how much decking he thinks he'll need and we hope to buy it in stages so we can get bits done at a time, realistically without taking a week off of work to do it is going to take some weekends to get it done. Mr G.T is never happier than when he has some sort of powertool in his hand so I'm sure he will enjoy every second of it! Meanwhile we (me, GN and GS) will be getting the garden sorted out and getting the fence painted on the back, it's going to be busy but worth it once it's all done. I've found it so easy in the past 2 years we have lived here to just sit back and take up the dutiful babysitting role, but this year I want to get things done, it isn't easy with a toddler but im sure he will help where he can and enjoy it, I am being more confident at getting stuck in and getting on with it now, I can't spend my whole life sitting back worrying about GS getting in the midst of things when we can have fun getting stuck in together.

There is also the inside to continue decorating, realistically we aren't going to get it all done this year but as GS is now out of the cot and in to his big boy toddler bed (fanfare please!!) we really want to get his room done for him! We were going with a seaside theme, but as he loves Buzz Lightyear so much we thought a space theme was much more him, I already have a star stamp and hope to get some more planets and stuff painted on to his walls once the blue paint is on, very exciting!

I am very hopeful that we may have another little family moving in sometime soon :) I spotted a Great Tit checking out our new bird box with great interest and being noticeably territorial around it (chasing off a poor sparrow trying to get to the seed feeder) so fingers crossed he and the Mrs liked what they saw!!

I've borrowed "Creative Play for 2-5's" by Dr Dorothy Einon from the library and love her style, lots of great ideas for creative play and also links to what it can help foster and develop in your toddler too, plus recipes for making your own play dough, paints and glue :) i love it! I have to admit to being a little bit too overcautious on the mess of "messy play" and feel bad now that this could hinder GS's enjoyment of crafts and creativity which after all i enjoy with them would be awful, so i'm going to relax a bit more, LET THE MESS COMMENCE!!


  1. oooh enjoy decorating, I too have been doing that as of late! Well done re cot/bed! That book sounds fab!

  2. Hi, found you from the lovely Frugal Trenches' blog (hullo FT!) and am really enjoying reading your posts. I love Derbyshire, my boyfriend's family is from there and we always get the peaks whenever we can to do some walking and hit up the Chatsworth farm shop.


  3. T loves toy Story as well, we took him to see TS 2 in 3D at the weekend. There is nothing wrong with a bit of messy play, just get a large sheet of plastic! x

  4. It's so exciting making new plans, hope working together goes well!
    Lisa x

  5. Good luck with the regeneration of your pad and garden. hopefully this snow will stop so you can get out and get on! x

  6. Wow! You guys have such wonderful plans! I know you're excited about it and I hope everything comes together as planned.

    Let me say congrats on the big boy bed! That is awesome :D

    Good luck with the messy play ;) I'm sure it'll all turn out for the best!