Thursday, 11 February 2010


Seeing my beautiful niece and GS playing together and cuddling the other day made me reflect so much on my own friendships, particularly as there have been some emotional moments lately with some of them.

There is 9 months between A and GS and they both adore one another, GS is definitely the loud and crazy one and A is far more reserved and quiet but between them they have so much fun and share pretty well, a rare find in toddlers! I hope as they grow older together they will always be close, they will go to different schools because of where we live but I hope they'll have each other plus any other further siblings that come along to always rely on and be there for each other, those sorts of friendships are so important when you are growing up.

I have some very dear friends who I have known many years, some who I don't see as much as I would like to or don't have so much in common any more but we still have a great time when we get to catch up. Then there are friends who are like-minded & wonderful but live miles away or even in another country, some who I have never met in person but am so close to, thanks to the marvellous media of the internet we have found each other and share so much, but it sucks we can never really meet up and share a coffee or help one another out with babysitting, or give a proper hug when we need one! I also have friends that I would like to be closer with but I just struggle to meet them on the same page, either we have very different lives and perspectives so struggle to find middle ground any longer, or no matter what efforts are made we just seem to stay distant.
The latter has particularly been upsetting this week as it involves a family member, well someone who will be joining our family but still seems very reticent to become a part of it. I suppose I feel sad really that a potential close friendship is being pushed away, for whatever reason I am not entirely sure, the main ingredients seem there, we like similar things, we live close to one another, we have been through a lot of similar situations, but still despite many efforts we aren't close and can not really be termed friends. It's quite a shame really, but these things cannot be forced, who knows what the future may bring, but certainly for now I am making the decision to remain open in case that person needs me, but will stand back and give space from now on to let the dust settle and the distance remain.


  1. A truly lovely photo of those two cuties!
    I think you are quite right about standing back in such a situation as you describe, hope that one day all falls into place.
    The internet is a wonderful way to meet others, but it's a shame when those new friends aren't close enough to visit, a good excuse for seeing new places though maybe!
    Lisa x

  2. I'm sorry you are having a tough time with someone you thought would be a friend. hugs.

    I spend 1/2 my childhood abroad as well as my Uni years, while it is such a blessing to have made the number of friends I did in that time, it is also very very very difficult because they are all so so far away. It's funny we've all grown and yet become more similar where here, like you, many of my friends have grown in other ways and it can be tough to find the middle. *hugs*

  3. You can only wait and hope that time will change how this person feels x