Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sunday has been about Monkeys...

Firstly this little monkey...
...enjoying his craft session...

...and then this one...

I baked this after being inspired by Farmgirl Fare's recipe "Mexican Monkey Cake" mmmm utterly delicious and seeing as it contains bananas (amongst some other more naughty ingredients) I decreed it one of our 5 a day and therefore had 2 slices, i'm sure that's how it works!!

Totally un-Monkey related has been playing about with my camera as I slowly learn all the settings and get used to what it can do, I am getting quite pleased with my shots, especially the more abstract ones!

I have succumbed to a cold over the weekend so I haven't been up to much worth blogging about other than the above really, but hopefully I am on the mend and will be up to better things next weekend seeing as it's Valentine's weekend and therefore Mr G.T' & I's celebration of 8 years together (our first date was Valentine's day)!


  1. Your little "monkey" is such a cutie pie! Love the flower shots! The cake looks scrumptious! Is there a recipe for that? Yum!!!

  2. Thanks for the link for the cake, I've bookmarked it!
    Your little one looks like he was having fun with the gluing and sticking.
    Lovely pink flower photo.
    Hope you're feeling better soon.
    Lisa x

  3. Love your photos. Cake looks yummy - off to follow that link. Agree about it counting towards the five a day! (Does wine count as its made of grapes???)

  4. Both of those monkeys look lovely ;)

  5. Mmm Cake looks good!! Congrats on 8 years, I hope you were feeling better and able to celebrate x