Monday, 25 January 2010

Keeping busy

Baking chocolate muffins
Visiting the garden centre and buying a lemon tree for the conservatory

Attempting passport photo poses... we're still working on that!

I am pleased to report though that we have diverted some of the excess toddler energy in to doing things other than watching Toy Story *most* of the time, hurrah!
I have been tagged by Beki at The ramblings of an everyday Mummy in the "You're Welcome Meme!"

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  1. I love the passport photograph. I will be taking a look at your list too!!

  2. Thanks for the tag, will recommend another 3 blogs x

  3. Thanks for the link - I am glad you like my blog!

  4. Oooh, thanks for the tag! I'll recommend my 3 blogs very soon!

    Btw, love the passport photos....too cute! He's such a cheeky lil' monkey!

    The muffins look delicious, too! And that lemon tree is beautiful...I hope it bears excellent fruit for you.

  5. Thanks for linking me hun!!
    Your boys a cutie pie and I WANT a choccie Muffin now...SIgh
    Annie x

  6. I absolutely adore that passport photo!!! Oooh lemon trees....!