Thursday, 7 January 2010

A suitable heroine

I have just finished reading a book I really enjoyed, "Wedding Tiers" by Trisha Ashley.
It was well written with the usual complex love story of a good romance but rather than the usual Cosmo-heroine-in-the-city this one centres around Josie Gray, a rural country girl after my own heart who loves her hens, baking and being self-sufficient. Combining such terrific descriptions of country life and making your own cakes, wines and pickles this book also has a wedding aspect (Josie goes in to partnership with her best friend to provide bespoke weddings at a country house) and it therefore ticks so many boxes of delight for me! There are even real recipes that are mentioned in the plot printed at the back of the book, so you too can get "peapodded" on Peapod wine! I loved it! I hope other Trisha Ashley books are as endearing as I will be requesting more from the library.

The above book and old style recipes has inspired me to write down my family recipes finally, i have them in bits of books and bits of paper all over or in my recipe file, but a hardbacked book version would last much better and give me a chance to get everything in one place , i will be poaching ones from both Granny Nanny, my twin Aunties and my Mother-in-law, because they are the most tried and tested favourites! I'd love an old style hardbacked notebook, so will be keeping an eye out in the charity shops for something similar, a Cath Kidston style one would be lovely but i'm doubtful i'll get one of those!

The snow kept away today thankfully, just a few flakes flickered at tea time but hopefully thats all, it has thawed slightly in the sun so the roads and pavements are a bit less dangerous. I am back at work tomorrow for the late shift so I am hoping it stays so, but i hear this is forecast for a few weeks yet, but i imagine no forecast is going to be particularly accurate and therefore its probably more prudent to just look out of the window and take it from there rather than worrying about hours/days/weeks ahead. I managed to get in for my shift on Wednesday and we had a fully staffed library which was pretty good as many others in Derbyshire had to close because of staff shortages, but at the end of the day no matter how important the service is, staff safety comes first and if we can't get in or get home safely (especially in rural areas) then there has to be a sacrifice. I've been very proud of my local binmen/postman/gritter drivers and bus drivers who have been carrying on through it as best they can to keep everything running.


  1. Thanks for the book review! It sounds like a good read, I went right off the 'Cosmo-type-heroines' a long time ago! I have more than 3 books on the go at the moment so need to be more disciplined about finishing them!
    I hope you find the right book for your recipes, I asked my dad for a large hardback one many years ago and despite it becoming very splattered it has lasted very well, so it's worth investing in a good one. xx

  2. I like thesound of that book - have written dwon the title.
    Funny you should mention old family recipes - I was just thinking recently of borrowing an old book of my mums. It belonged to her mum and has the recipes she used when she was 'in service' to a local schoolmarm. Some of them date back to the 1920's or possibly earlier. I love a bit of domestic history!

  3. Ooh that sounds fantastic, i think there is a lot of old recipes (especially war time ones that use minimal ingredients) that are making a comeback in popularity as people become more in tune again with seasonal food and drink.

  4. Thanks for the book recommendation, I like the sound of that one. Have you read Hens Dancing?
    The cook book idea sounds really good.
    I agree with your weather forecast, ove day at a time at the mo!
    Take care
    Lisa x

  5. No I haven't Lisa, cheers i will look that up on Amazon then order it through the library (naturally) :) Hope you are getting out and about this weekend with the snow x

  6. You could get some Cath Kidston material and cover a plain hardback book- cheaper but still sturdy, and obviously unique!

    Z's Mum xxx