Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Year New Start

The last sunrise ... the last sunset of 2009.

The title of this post conveys a lot for me, to you it probably seems a cliche of the new year bringing new opportunities, but to me it signifies a shift in not only the year but in our plans as a family.
We have decided to start trying again for a much wanted second child (or should that be third) after our miscarriage in May (that dragged on until July). I had spent a lot of 2009 actively avoiding the subject like it was something we couldn't talk about or even know where to begin with, but over the past month I have found an inner peace with myself about it all, I feel more confident now to give it another go and feel blessed to even have the chance to. I know it could happen again, and I know how that would feel, but we have been there before and we came through it stronger and closer than ever, and, as with a lot of things in life, you just have to take a leap of faith; put trust in yourself and with your beliefs and go for it. In some ways it feels not dissimilar to how ttcing for the 1st time felt when we eventually fell pregnant with GS, we were newly weds, we didn't own our own home back then and financially we were in a bit of a mess so trying for a baby seemed risky, maybe a bit too soon, maybe a bit too irresponsible, but it was the best decision we ever made looking back, and part of us wondered why we'd really left it so long, but ultimately the family we have now was worth the risk and worked out well, we listened to our inner voices and instincts and it worked out, as a lot of things do. I am hoping for similar success for 2010.

I am hoping also for this to be a new start of sorts with this blog, many times over the past few months I have felt like posting on here more regularly but have had other things to do or lacked the enthusiasm to turn on the PC again late in the evening, but I want to really give it a better go this year, even more so now I have a new camera to capture my days with and share with you all! So I hope you'll keep popping by a bit more regularly now I promise to feed your visits with more content?

n.b I have no clue what is going on with blogger today but i keep trying to edit the layout and photos on this post but it just will not behave, very frustrating!!


  1. Hope 2010 brings you all you wish for : )


    Sharon xx

  2. Good luck with your family plans - here's hoping this time next year you have a new family member!

  3. Happy New Year, good luck with the plans, that is so exciting x

  4. Hoping 2010 brings you happiness.
    Lisa x

  5. Hey Sweetie! Happy New Year to you and all the family! I'm really pleased you're feeling such a peace about everything. I've been remembering you in my prayers, that healing would find you soon. I'm so glad you're both feeling well enough to try again. Who knows? Maybe 2010 will be a great year for both of us ;)

    If we get over there for Christmas 2010, we definitely want to see you guys again! I know I converse with you on here, but I really miss seeing you and getting to chat in person. In so many ways I wish R and I had decided to move to be near his grandmother rather than back to the States. It would have been lovely to have a friend so close. But, we can't change the past. We just make the present and future as bright as possible.

    So, hopefully we'll see you later this year and, until then, I'll keep up with you through blogging :D

  6. Hi there Ms B! Thought I'd pop over and visit and glad I did! Nice to 'meet' you and thanks for your lovely comment on mine...Loved your post...I wish you all the very best for your 'family planning'!!! I didnt make any resolutions this year except to do bake more! Hopefully this will include a bun in the oven for us too!!! ;~)
    Looking forward to getting to know you better hun
    Annie x