Tuesday, 19 January 2010

We survived the snow!

We haven't been buried under the snow I promise, Family Thrift have been on holiday!
I promise to write all about what we got up to and share photos very shortly but today is GS's swine flu jab which i'm a bit worked up about (he had a bad reaction after his MMR which was apparently unconnected according to the medical profession but i'm not so convinced) so I am just going to post a little bit before getting ready for that appointment.
The snow has totally disappeared (including the snowman which GS is a bit concerned over bless him- as we walked past the remaining stones and twigs yesterday he said "snowman has gone to the pub?" haha!) and we now have lovely grey miserable rain in it's place, hmm bring back the snow? maybe not but still, i hate drizzle, grey foggy English winters are not so picturesque as white snowy glistening ones. But compared to what Haiti is dealing with we have nothing to even remotely complain about so I will shut up, only speaking to ask everyone to donate anything they can to the DEC and related causes, even just a few pence can do something for someone over there and they really need it.


  1. I have this lovely picture in my head of a row of snowmen propping up the bar with a pint in their hands!
    Hope the jab goes well - was glad that my two are too old to b offered it so I didn't have to worry.

  2. lol 'snowman has gone to the pub?' !

    Out of the mouths of babes... :)


  3. I love the photo in the header. Snowmen in the pub - that sounds like the best place to be in the snow!