Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Wintery Whiteout

As you can see the wintery weather has continued, with photos like these i really wouldn't mind were it not for how trecherous the roads are and the fact that Mr G.T was at work when the worst fell and I was due to go to the library for 1pm, that didn't happen! I hate letting down work especially as it's a public service and a lifeline to so many, but i just couldn't get out the end of my lane let alone down the hill, the library closed at 12 noon anyway so I would not have achieved anything even if I had've done something galliant and soldiered on. As it turned out hubby got to finish by 1pm and we spent the afternoon having a quick walk around the fields and making a snowman as requested by GS!

Granny Nanny and I were especially overcome by the gorgeous bullfinches that were drawn out of seclusion in search of food on to our garden, such beautiful colours, they were a very special treat! We have tried our best to keep our feathered friends fed, they were vigourously fighting over the seed bowl so we put a fresh one out, and a chicken carcass from the weekend, although some pesky fox has stolen both of our fat/seed/worm food trays (plastic trays and all) we put on the ground for the robins leaving some telltale footprints in the snow, although i guess they must have been desperate for the food just as equally so really i don't mind.


  1. I'm so jealous of the snow! I really miss actually having snow. Having said that, we're having extremely cold weather for Georgia right now and are expecting either freezing rain or possibly (maybe!) snow by the weekend.

    I'm really glad G.T. got home safely and you were safe as well. Lovely to be able to walk the fields and see the beauty of the snow!

    A big hello to everyone at your end, hun!

  2. That's a happy face enjoying the snow!
    Keep warm and safe.

    Lisa x

  3. It looks beautiful- we have nothing like that amount here.

    I still have to go to work today as its not closed and I hate driving in snow and ice.


  4. Lovely photos, loads of snow in Milton Keynes today, most of the schools are shut and I cant get into work!

  5. Love that bullfinch picture! I seem to remember you had a new camera?