Monday, 8 March 2010

A ride to Buxton

The road from Ashbourne to Buxton, beautiful Dale countrside!

Buxton country park

This old abandoned house reminded me of the beautifully haunting houses Jude meets on her walks in Crete so I felt inspired to take some pics!

Daddy giving GS a helping hand on the woodland walk

A rather large fallen tree root

The beautiful Buxton country park woodland we explored!

As you can see what a lovely relaxing Sunday! The sun was shining, it was cold (there was still snow in parts) but gloriously clear blue skies meant we decided to take the car and head out to the Dales to Buxton. We packed a picnic and ended up at the country park where GS amazed us by doing quite a steep walk in to the woodland, he loved it!
It's always so relaxing driving through the Dales and seeing such beautiful countryside; farms, stone walls, rivers, railways, and the 1st lambs of Spring!!
I am inspired to get cracking on the gardening today, GS & I are going to get the sunflower seeds planted and if it stays dry I'll get the garden weeded. As you can see from the title photo the bulbs are out and looking beautiful!


  1. I'll be in this area soon and I can't wait!

  2. Blue skies and sunshine, how wonderful to see them!
    How big was that tree root?!
    Thank you for your very kind words about my family issues. Taking your time to leave such a message is much appreciated.
    Lisa x

  3. I got cracking on the garden yesterday, too. It was so cold though, so I spent rather a lot of time tidying up the greenhouse, which was blissfully warm.

  4. Lovely atmospheric photos. Buxton is a lovely place - you are really lucky to live near here. I noticed on Dubgirls post you mentioned you liked F1 . Do you get the free Renault World series tickets that they do every year? Its not F1 (but they do have F1 cars there). Its usually at Donnington, or Silverstone and tickets for the weeked are free - we usually camp in a field nearby - along with millions of others!! but its great fun and they have lots of free things for the kids to do too - funfairs etc. Let me know if you need any details.