Friday, 23 July 2010

Back on the frugal thrifty wagon

I hadn't really noticed it, but my bank balances are telling me otherwise, but we appear to have dropped off the wagon seriously and are deep in to our overdrafts again *sigh* noones fault but mine, our holiday inevitably cost a lot in fuel and wet-weather entertainment, and bills just seem to be endlessly going up. Our latest expense increase seems to be the car insurance; I wish we could survive without one but living in a rural village with one bus service to limited destinations every hour makes it impossible; despite us making no claims it's increasing by £15 a month! I'm livid, how do they justify increasing it so much above inflation, but going on price comparison sites it seems one of the cheaper options still, I'm considering lowering it by increasing the excess we'd pay but this terrifies me especially once my income is lowered on maternity leave, would I be able to just find £100-150 like that should something happen? Maybe i'd be better trying to do so and then put the extra money we'd save away in an emergency fund to pay for it should it happen (or any other emergency) I've been considering this for a while now, at least it's in my control still then to use if it's needed rather than paying extra for zero excess but never benefitting (not that a claim would be a benefit but you see what i mean). It also irks me that figures released recently that estimate how many uninsured drivers there are out there, very frustrating when us law-abiding citizens are clearly paying to make up the difference.

Anyway I digress. Living costs are certainly increasing, so I really need now more than ever to take control of our debt and spending. This includes sourcing cheaper alternatives for things we buy, not buying anything that we truly don't really need, stopping splurging on little items and treats for GS unless they are bargains/car boot finds and even then i need to encourage saving them for bday/xmas treats rather than showering him with treats which I know he doesn't really need (this will probably be my hardest challenge), not eating out much when theres an abundance of food at home, and shopping wisely according to a meal planner & making things go further. I also want to get back in to crafting again, so i can build up a couple of homemade gifts for birthdays and xmas.

Another challenge will be over the summer holidays. Whilst gs is not yet at school (he starts in September) my niece is and Granny Nanny & I look after her whilst her Mum is at work throughout the holidays. The challenges with this are both kids love to get out and about and are very hard to entertain at home, they are a little young yet to involve in many home-craft activities without getting bored after 5-10 mins, so it proves very exhausting to constantly put on a new craft hour after hour, day after day, so we end up going out, which usually ends up costing money be it in fuel, food or admission. I have been researching local events advertised in the library and out and about with low-cost/free activites, and think I have accrued a pretty good list so far!

The birthday plans are well underway! We have chosen a Toy Story 3/space theme seeing as GS loves this and also there is an abundance of stuff for this in the shops right now. My MIL bought some themed paper plates, cups and napkins, and i've roped in all my lovely family members to make cakes for a fab tea party spread. I'm hoping to go around the local B&M to get a few goodies for party bags (nothing major- i really disagree with expensive lavish party bags!) and thanks to your excellent suggestions I have quite a few good toddler party games up my sleeve.


  1. I agree with you that meal planning is a great way to start being frugal, stops impulse buying at the supermarket.
    I've managed to pick up a couple of Christmas presents recently for S at car boot sales for very little money. It's just being in the right place at the right time.
    Do you use the nature detectives website? They have loads of free printables and crafts. One thing I saw last year was a place setting to take on a picnic which had different plants and wildlife listed on it for the children to find. That's probably not a very good description, but it can be a bit of extra entertainment on a picnic.
    Lisa x

  2. Check out martin lewis' webiste 'money saving expert' for lots of good ideas and money off vouchers x

  3. Sorry, i meant to also say that hope all is well with you and you just have to keep plodding on x

  4. Its a constant battle isnt it, and its amazing how quickly debt rattles up as soon as you take your eye off the ball (she says holding her hand up here). To be honest , I used to find the kids holidays quite easy - especially if the weather was good. My grandad gave me an old tent he had found, and we put that up on the back garden and they would play for days in it!! They also used to love making "dens" with blankets and clothes airers etc. I think its great to leave them to make their own fun (like we used to do). Fingers crossed for good weather. xx

  5. Hi welcome back to Frugal world, it's tough! It took me three attempts to give up smoking (2003) and I can't give up the Friday bottle of wine, no matter how hard I try! Giving up spending money was hard, especially with kids. They are resiliant and don't mind charity shop toys and books if you don't. Holidays are hard as mother and toddler groups and such are shut and if you live in a rural area then holiday activities are few. Do you have a local library? they hold summer activities? keep your chin up and blog the rough and the smooth and we're all here in blog world xxxx Frugal Queen xxx

  6. Thanks for the support, it's made me feel better knowing i'm not struggling to stay on the thrift wagon alone :) The tent is a great idea thanks Diane, we did that last year and think he'll enjoy it even more this time so thanks for the reminder! The nature detectives site is brilliant too! Frugal Queen-i work in the local library so bit of a Bus-man's trip for me there :) but there are other local ones we can visit for a bit of a change :)