Monday, 24 August 2009

Reminiscing and despair

This is the beautiful view over Derbyshire from the platform of the hotel where Mr G.T & I had our wedding reception 3 and a bit years ago. It's the first time strangely we have returned to it since that day and it was to celebrate my Grandma's 80th birthday last weekend with a family meal. I loved returning, it was such a special day and it naturally has a place in my heart for that reason, but it is also just such a breathtaking view, and a beautiful place. Another happy couple were celebrating their special day that night, and it made me want to do it all over again in a silly way, one of those days you'd like to relive again given the chance.

We went to our first car boot Sunday and Mr G.T was suitably impressed, he bought more things than I did (I merely got a lb of delicious plums! but they are oh so amazing....look!)

Despite the fun moments of the weekend I am sat here now feeling quite exhausted; physically because it's been a hectic day at work and looks set to be as equally busy tomorrow, but also emotionally as certain family members are driving me to despair with their attitudes and behaviour. I love my family, but try as hard as I can they annoy me at times. If only I could try and change their ways a little, make them appreciate what they have instead of always complaining about things and seeing themselves as hard done by, try and get them to open up and be close to me a bit more rather than being brusque and rude, it isn't hard to try and see things from other people's point of view, yet some seem to really struggle and only have a 1-sided view that they refuse to shift from. It's tiring and I am at the point of despair really, not knowing what to do. I desperately want them to be happy, and to enjoy all we can together, but on each rejection and day of sniping & moaning from them I wonder what it is I can try to do to make things better. I think after all I have been through this year alone I'd have more than enough reason to be introvert and moody, but i am not, I try to reach out to them still. It hurts quite a bit.

I nearly forgot to mention my crafting, I haven't started the bunting yet as I thought i'd do a few mini-projects to perfect my sewing before i tackled something for GS's room, but I am pleased to say I have made a couple of fabric drink mats that suit our living room colours beautifully, i'm still in dire need of skills but am perfecting them slowly but surely, every project will be a lesson in how to improve and what I can try better next time.

Here's one of the mats


  1. I am sorry to hear of your family troubles, it is always so stressful when things are amiss! (I have always liked the saying 'You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family.' Ain't that the truth, LOL!?!)