Monday, 17 August 2009

Birthday Celebrations

My GS turned 2 yesterday so the week has been busy to say the least. We decided to get him a wooden playhouse for the garden which he adores, and we celebrated yesterday with a trip to the Zoo and a picnic. His interest in animals and nature is growing, he loves to name animals, imitate them and watch with keen interest what they do, so the Zoo was a natural place for us to take him and it didn't disapoint.

I was especially impressed by the way the Zoo highlighted global issues surrounding each animal, particularly levels of extinction, habit destruction and illegal meat/product trades. It's far from their natural environment, but for some species preservation in zoos are their only chance for survival and, hopefully one day, a return to levels of population in their natural habitats. I still find myself on a steep learning curve about the level of destruction in this world, both local and global. It's hard to know where to start on making things better, small steps that have a big impact along the way I guess, if only there was something quicker and more effective we could all do to make a huge difference.
As my son turns only two I think back to the day I gave birth, how quickly those 2 years have passed, and also forward to what future lies ahead for him.

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  1. thanks for popping by my blog - I am glad I came over to yours- I love the pictures of your little man. He reminds me so much of my son when he was little- it only seems like last week and now he is five foot ten!!!!