Saturday, 8 August 2009

It's been awhile...

I took a break from blogging this week as little GS came down with the Swine Flu (well "suspected", they don't confirm cases anymore in the UK) pleased to say after a week of quarantine and some anti-virals and he is now right as rain, just a tad grumpy at the whole affair and choosing to be particularly Toddler-ish, such is his prerogative!
To cheer him up we put our tent up on the garden Thursday and he's revelled in it, I remember my parents doing this in our back garden when I was growing up in the summer holidays and it provided hours of entertainment; somehow eating your dinner/playing board games/reading a book/telling stories is made so much more interesting when done in a tent. GS found particular delight in using the front porch section as a drive through garage for his ride-on Quad bike, and equally enjoyed it when it rained and we sheltered in it together drinking tea (me) & juice (him) listening to the rain pattering down. It has encouraged Mr GT and I that we should get a bigger, more family friendly tent and go off for a camping holiday next year, maybe trying it out just the 2 of us on a test run weekend first, I am hoping we get on well with it, I love the idea of being away from it all, enjoying the outdoors and surviving on just the basics while having the best fun ever, I feel it will bring out the best in us, well that's the hope anyway, stay tuned to see if that bright idea works!

Back on track "craft-wise" today though, I nipped in to my local habersdashery on my lunch hour from work (yes, i have to work some Saturday's, i know- it should be against the law, but it pays the bills) and had a half hour of total excitement fumbling through the off-cut bins, caressing the rolls of fabrics, checking out all the cute buttons and oohing at lovely threads, in the end I was quite reserved and bought half a metre of lovely soft cream fabric, a few off-cuts and some blue cotton tape I need to make GS some bunting for his bedroom. I'm too tired tonight though to start anything (i think tiredness would equal mistakes) so I'll tackle it with gusto tomorrow. The Library has been busy today, busy for most of the summer holidays so far in fact with the children coming in very keen to participate in our Summer Reading Scheme and parents overjoyed at the fact their children suddenly love the library and books (and are quiet when reading them through the miserable rainy August days we've had so far) even if it is after being seduced by incentives of stickers, puzzle boards and magic pens as prizes!


  1. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! What a lovely blog you have!

    I too have just had swine flu (well mine was a month ago), glad your little one is better. A tent in the garden sounds wonderful!

  2. I FINALLY made it over to check out your blog, seems we both enjoy coffee and Kinsella. I have not read 'Twenties Girl' yet, it will get added to my to do list for sure! I love all your photographs!