Monday, 28 September 2009

Another successful 100% homemade craft project

Well, I am pleased with it anyway!
It's a scented lavender pouch for my future SIL's birthday, even the lavender is homegrown, quite chuffed about that.

To make it I measured two rectangular pieces of fabric and cut around the shape, mine was 6inches by 5 inches with a centimetre extra each side for sewing. I had a patterned fabric for once side and then a cream minkee-type fabric for the back.

Pin the two pieces of cloth together right sides facing, and then sew three edges leaving the top open.

Then fold over 1-2 cms of the top edge, pin and sew using a back-stitch to make a neat edge for the opening of the pouch.

Turn inside out, poke out corners and then iron.

Sew on two coordinating buttons on the front for decoration.

Secure a length of ribbon to the back of the bag about 2 inches down from the top opening, with a few small stitches (to stop it from sliding off)

Then fill pouch with lavender (or any other kind of pot pourri/petals/herbs you want) and tie the ribbon tightly to secure it all in.

I have also made some drinks coasters in the same material for her.

My next project is to make some things for a work colleague who is leaving on maternity leave in 2 weeks to have twin boys, I am thinking maybe some homemade bibs and burp cloths, but am open to ideas if you can think of anything/know of a good tutorial for baby gifts?

Then it's on to Christmas gifts...


  1. Such lovely fabric, I'm sure your SIL will be chuffed to bits!
    Lisa x

  2. I like the added touch of the buttons, its a lovely bag, have you ever thought of having an etsy shop online? for your friend's baby, how about a padded bottle holder, or what about something pretty to hold the nappies. I have never attempted to make of these suggestions, they are literally off the top of my head!

  3. Oooh! Its beautiful! I really like this! You're so crafty :D Makes me want to get back to crafting, but right now I just don't have the heart, energy, time or space to do it in. Hopefully things will change very soon and I can get started back.

    Again, though, it looks very lovely, Sweetie, and I'm sure your SIL will love it!

  4. Hey, its so pretty. Isnt it great a when a completely homemade gift is made! I think the buttons really set it of.