Saturday, 28 May 2011

Colds ahoy chez Thrift..booo...hissss

Yup we are all under the weather a bit here this week, full of colds and sneezing. The glorious (not!) weather probably hasn't helped but I am feeling very sorry for myself today. Thankfully MR G.T has taken the kiddies to his parents for the morning so I have been able to get some things done (house looks so clean *sigh* shame it won't stay that way very long!) and will now eat a meal all the way through in peace (luxury!) and maybe read a bit of my book afterwards!

Jeddy has turned 6 months this last week, wow, he just doesn't seem a baby any more, quite sad if I dwell on it but hoping not to. To celebrate he has cut his 1st tooth, which I am pleased about as he has done it really without too much fuss, but problem now is he seems to have adjusted his latch or feeding style as I am sore again, like really sore! It's like starting all over with breastfeeding again! Hope that a few tips I have picked up online can help, but as he won't take a bottle or dummy I have no choice really but to grit my teeth and carry on, hoping it improves in a few days. I don't remember this problem last time with GS and he had his 1st tooth at 4 months, and I BF until 8 months. I suppose it just goes to show all babies are different, and when you get painless feeding you can get an unsettled baby with teething, and when you get a fairly fuss free teething you can still get nipple problems, all swings and roundabouts. If the pain continues I will get some advice at my breastfeeding support group on Friday, they are fantastic ladies and the lactation consultant there is also wonderful, anyone considering breastfeeding or wanting to get support, try and see if your local Surestart, hospital or Children's centre has one of these as their guidance and friendly approach has been such a boost for me.


  1. Hope the cold bugs soon depart and you're all feeling well again.
    Lisa x

  2. Hope you are all feeling better x