Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Jenson Edwin Levi, our beautiful new boy!

Born 25th November, 12 days overdue, 8lbs 7oz.
He is now nearly 9 weeks old and we are all doing well, needless to say I have been busy adjusting to having 2 little ones to care for but am loving being a Mummy 2nd time around. He is a pretty good lad and sleeps well at night, I tend to wake up once or twice to feed him but he does go for long stretches of sleep which is a blessing seeing as his big brother took months to get to that stage.Breastfeeding has had its ups and downs again, but I seem to have settled in to a happy state with it now and am certainly enjoying the convenience of how quickly J can be appeased when he is hungry and is gaining weight really well, he weighs 11lbs 13oz now.

Jenson is a name we love and being motorsport fans it was fitting. Edwin and Levi are the names of my great-grandfathers.

I was hoping for a home birth but it was looking likely I would need to be induced as I was so overdue but thankfully he came at the final hour the day I was due to go in hospital all by himself, lazy boy :) So, I got my homebirth again afterall and found it a magical experience being in my own surroundings with my home comforts and family.


  1. Congratualtions :) He's a little hunk.

    Welcome to being a 3 male household - you'll forever be putting loo seats down ;)

  2. Lovely to hear this news - what a handsome pair of sons you have!

  3. Wonderful news and many congratulations to you all!
    How cute does he look at in blue!
    Lisa x

  4. He is beautiful, congratulations, good to see you back x

  5. Congratulations! Such a gorgeous pic of the boys together :) x

  6. My goodness, he must be the best dressed baby around. Love his little duffel coat and his hand made mitts.

  7. What a perfect little man. Belated Congratulations.