Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Made with love

Thank you so much for your caring comments about our Charlie, we are coming to terms with it all now although still try and do a head count for 4 instead of 3, and miss his presence so much, poor little dude.

I am turning my attentions to all the handmade items I need to do for Christmas. Some are already done (jams, chutneys etc), some are half done (stockings for my son and niece- as what one has the other has to as well lol), and some i have to wait for so they stay fresh (biscuits, sweets and cheese straws). I am hoping that if i pace myself they will all get done in time, that's the hope anyway! I really need to stop procrastinating though (a nasty habit i have gotten in to over the years and really need to shake!) and get things done.

Another project I completed this week was for my friend who has now had her two twin boys (who are absolutely adorable by the way!) I finished the bibs for them;

I chose 100% cotton fabric for the fronts and a white towel for the back for extra absorbency. GS kindly modelled them although being 2 years old they were very small on him but look huge on the boys, it's so amazing how fast they grow!


  1. That is the trouble with homemmade edible gifts - some have to made right at he last minute, just when you are busiest! Have plans to make florentines this year, but who knows if I will get arouind to it?

  2. The bibs look lovely, I am always very impressed with homemade gifts, I think they are always more special as so much more thought has gone into them. I wish I had more time to do more homemade gifts x

  3. Sounds like it's a hive of activity at your house.I'm planning a bit of baking, but not until next wk when school and work has ended as time is a big factor.
    Lisa x

  4. I was really hoping to bake some extra little gifts for my family, but as I'm back living with my parents for awhile and the freezer is literally half-filled with frozen Iceland desserts and unhealthy stuff (courtesy of a diabetic parent!!!) I've decided not to bother.

    Which is a shame because I was looking forward to it lol

    I love how much homemade items you've been putting together though :)


    P.S. my word verification was "fancider"... yes I am!! :P